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Welcome to TBZ Group, your go-to partner for successful farming in Pakistan. We offer services like reliable fertilizer supply, smooth product delivery, and specialized support for big farming projects. Our high-quality fertilizers boost crop growth, and we also provide effective pesticides and seeds to protect your plants. Plus, our customer support is ready to help with any questions or issues you may have. Choose TBZ Group for all your agricultural needs!

Why Choose Us


Our dealership services offer a reliable source of high-quality fertilizers, ensuring that farmers have access to the best products for their specific crop needs. This reliability is crucial for agricultural success.

Efficient Distribution

With our distribution services, we streamline the fertilizer supply chain. Timely and hassle-free delivery to your store, regardless of location, ensures that farmers can focus on their crops without worrying about supply chain disruptions.

Customer Satisfaction Focus

At the core of our company is a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our dedicated customer support services are available at every step, addressing inquiries, concerns, and technical support needs promptly and reliably.

Tailored Corporate Solutions

Our corporate services cater to large-scale farming operations, unlocking the full potential of corporate agriculture initiatives. Tailored fertilizer solutions support the unique requirements of extensive farming, contributing to the success of large agricultural ventures.

Comprehensive Pest Protection

Farmers choose our premium pesticides to safeguard their crops against pests and diseases. Our effective and targeted protection measures ensure healthy and robust plant growth, ultimately contributing to increased yields.

Reputable Company

We have been operating in the fertilizer business for the past 40 years. Over this period our commitment to customers has been unwavering. This customer-centric approach sets us apart and fosters long-term relationships with our clients.

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With years of expertise in the fertilizer business, our company is your go-to source for top-quality products and landscaping services.

About TBZ Group

TBZ Group is one of the leading dealer’s business corporation in agriculture sector of Pakistan operating in all provinces of country extensive in Fertilizers & seeds. We are selling some of the crucial deficient contents of soil of all kind of nitrated, potassic and phosphatic fertilizers having all kinds of popular brands according to market need throughout country.

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